What to wear to the beach this summer

TEXT and PHOTO BY Vern Enciso

Summer will be saying hello anytime soon! The late Ber breeze is slowly making an exit and in just a few days, we can store our jackets and bring out our bikinis and summer dresses!

And what’s the best way to welcome it? By making a trip to the beach! May it be just a day trip to a near-by one and or the vacation you’ve been looking forward to for so long.

We just came back from our short weekend in Discovery Shores Boracay and we thought of giving a whole new set of tips on how to dress for summer 2017!

1. Go #Twinning with you bestfriend, sister or even mom! We’re very sure you won’t be making that trip alone and have fun with planning your outfits by going all out twinning with them! 🙂 Not only will it be fun but your photos will look so cute when you do post them on social media! 🙂 Wear the same color, the same item, wear the same style of MELISSA slippers or style them differently or just wear a similar piece like these #Twinning maxi dresses.

2. For all you simple girls out there, the one-piece + denim shorts + MELISSA slippers combination will never fail you. It’s a classic for a reason!

3. Use your denim jackets as a cover up. Okay, I admit that I was telling Verniece that she looked so weird when she first stepped out of our room wearing a denim blazer by the beach but when I saw the outcome of that plus her MELISSA slippers, I just had to take all my teasing back! Doesn’t it look so cute?

4. Invest in a cute pair of slippers! Long gone are the days where the slippers we wear to the beach are your normal solid colored ones. There are so much brands available in the Philippine market that those pairs will just look boring and plain. Our favorite jelly brand would be MELISSA because they can be worn even after your trip to the beach. It’s very important to be frugal nowadays that it’s a necessity to buy pieces you can use over and over again. You can get a pair of slippers with little trinkets as design or if you have this thing like Verniece who just hates open toed shoes in general, you can get a pair of flats like the one she’s wearing above and not look weird to wear it to the beach because of it’s material!

If you tried any of our tips above, please do post it on your social media accounts and don’t forget to tag us! If you do happen to try the #Twinning outfits, please do the #VVPose and tag us as well! Can’t wait to see them 🙂

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SOURCE: www.vernvernice.com